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It’s almost impossible to ignore advertising in public spaces. That's why several successful companies choose to make the most of the huge potential of large format advertising pieces- especially those mounted on buildings.

Let your creativity run wild and create a large format placard to communicate your own unique marketing message optimally. Allow us to take on the realisation of your whole project, doing everything we can to ensure that your message makes a lasting impact on anyone and everyone who sees it.

At LETTERMEN, we have all the logistical know-how and experience necessary with large format, the first step being to carefully plan your image with prototype mock-ups and digital montages. The result will then be produced in the highest quality (Large Format Printing). We have no doubt that you will be satisfied with the end product as it stands in its final location after our process of formatting and montage. Robust, luminous printing substrates and sophisticated techniques in installation and lighting- in virtually any size- ensure an optimal customer response to your image right around the clock.

Are you having to spend your time dealing with special models, fixtures, perhaps a knowledge gap or lengthy approval process with the authorities? At LETTERMEN, this is simply our day-to-day business. Whether we are working with you directly or through your agent, we always strive for transparent communication, so that while it is in our hands, your project never fails to run according to plan.

LETTERMEN remains the long-term partner of countless customers from the field of trade and commerce. Bearing this in mind, we are well aware of the key to high quality large format work: Experience, professionalism and flexibility. Our customers value the fact that throughout the entire process- from production through installation to deconstruction- they always get to work with us directly.

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