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Alongside providing information, guidance systems and other orientation systems have an aesthetic function. They are perceived as the business card of a building or company, so it’s vital that the system suits their image. At LETTERMEN, we combine the design with the materials to give you a result that is sure to please; one that makes the process of finding their way around in a complex environment just that little easier for visitors.

We offer all kinds of display stands, door signs, signposts and traffic cones for interior as well as exterior use. You will be amazed at our choice of materials: Stainless steel, aluminium, Plexiglas and real glass are all part of our standard offer. Using varnishing, cutting techniques, embossed or reflective film, we bring names, numbers and information into the spotlight. If the lettering is not intended for long-term use, we can use slot-in systems or removable adhesive sheets. The choice of colour and typography depend on your own taste and on the specific corporate identity in question.

When using signs on objects, it really comes down to clear layout and marking. Relevant information should be conveyed concisely and incorporated both swiftly and selectively. We begin with an object analysis and find suitable signage solutions, putting together ideas for optimal orientation points. We take into account aspects of modern perception psychology to create the form and content of the signage system.

We are of course happy to advise you with the details. The world of construction, installation and maintenance is our profession.

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