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You can hardly imagine the cityscape without it: Well-lit adverts are a popular and widely used means of product and company representation. This has the advantage of being more visible, particularly at dusk and in the darkness. LETTERMEN will gladly advise you on this topic and help you to realise your ideas.

The technical aspects of advertising using lighting in your project need to be clarified: Hollow section aluminium profile, galvanised steel constructions, lit display units or lettering on buildings? Neon fixture, transparent or LED display light? There are many possibilities - almost every form and building alignment can be brought to life. These advertising fixtures offer strong weather durability and a long life span. We are ready to provide you with an optimal combination of materials and lighting systems. We might add that low energy consumption is also a factor to consider in the long term.

Alongside the costs, we stay focused on the aesthetics: The lettering facades are mainly equipped with acrylic glass caps or panels. Plexiglas (which can also be delivered in break-proof form) is weather durable, won't turn yellow and keeps its smooth surface.

Illuminated signs are by no means 'ready-made' products. Our customers really trust in our full service and input at all stages of planning, designing, production, assembly and maintenance.

LETTERMEN is particularly well experienced in creating advertisements with lighting for trade and commerce. Contact us to illuminate your company or products more favourably!

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