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Franchises function well with strong branding and recognisability. These areas must be kept consistent in all aspects of CI-conformity. Whether in the logo, lettering or advertising materials - there can be no divergence in colour, typography and form. Customer loyalty can only develop if the individual franchises stay CI-true.

At LETTERMEN you are at the right place if you need a standardised, pan-European appearance and support monitoring all franchises. We will offer you our plans and a sample presentation at the corporate headquarters followed by a fully CI-suited implementation and installation for the license holder at their own location.

We install all advertising mediums according to both CI and the appropriate market, so that all locations, shops, vehicles and businesses are all equipped with the same, clearly identifiable appearance. Reliably and precisely.

A franchise provider who is returning to use our services again can enjoy a certain ‘synergy effect' as we will already have their data and be aware of their requirements. A great way to save time and money!

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