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Most business parks can be seen as development projects on a communal level. This is where businesses with the need for a large amount of space find their ideal selling, production and storage areas. The development of market value and the identity of a business park are just as essential as its infrastructure.

The right mix of businesses is a top priority for companies as well as for their service providers and customers. Plus, of course, a representative surrounding area! There is only the right synergy for companies and other groups if a business park is seen to have a top address with several advantages to its location. Visual appearance is a decisive factor in this.

LETTERMEN supports the agency and planner with the execution of individual or classic guidance systems, signage, pylons, masts and boards. From signage through lighting systems to advertising masts on the motorway, we bring to life everything you need for the optimal marketing of your business park. We can show you that the grass really is greener on your side, as it flourishes into a unique commercial environment.

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