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Shopping centres consist of several different providers and brands. Their variety is their strength. Their combined impression, however, should be neat, uniform and should help the centre to set itself apart from its competitors. Leaving a positive impression on the shopper's memory is the sign of a successful mall that is of high quality and has individual style.

Careful planning and logistical work are vital in all advertising strategies, where a fast, high-quality and budget-specific service is required. LETTERMEN brings both experience and creativity into the process- so that the core management staff are able to give their full attention to the operative side. We are proficient in the CI-compliant staging of large or complex surfaces, whether at the initial stages of furnishing or for special sales. We create and combine flag and banner adverts, equipment and lighting advertising and orientation and signage in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. Contemporary design requires a focus on technical planning; fire protection and safety requirements must be adhered to. We're well-versed in this, too.

LETTERMEN gives the core management as well as architects, agents and individual shop managers full decorative freedom. When required, we are happy to offer guidance and share our know-how. It is a fine art to efficiently co-ordinate all parties involved – this is where LETTERMEN thrives. We ensure direct routes of communication whilst maintaining a clear overview - even when things start to get hectic. In this way, we lead projects successfully - all the way.

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